Rafting the Cal Salmon


Tucked into the forest and steep cliffs of the Marble Mountain Wilderness, the waters of the California Salmon River tumble over a series of drops, falls, and boulders that demand the best from crews. 

The necessity to paddle with the incredible beauty of the river, constantly compete for your attention. 

This is whitewater at its best, and many of our customer’s favorites!  This spring fed river offers the most exhilarating Class IV and V trips in California.  We recommend at least a two-day trip.

Cal Salmon River

  • Difficulty: IV to V
  • Season: Spring Only
  • Full Day or 2 day trips


"What a blast!! Especially for a first timer. I'm quite impressed with the knowledge imparted to us about the local Native American tradition and folklore, the flora and fauna, and just the general knowledge of the river. The food was really tasty, well presented and abundent, not to mention the tablecloths and fresh flowers picked daily for the buffet table. Upon my return I waxed on to my wife, Debbie, about the trip. We've decided that we'd like to book a trip for next summer."

&mdash Brian ~ Ashland, OR