Rafting the Klamath


In this remote Northwest corner of California, the land of Sasquatch, the mighty Klamath River carves its way to the sea. You can sense the presence of nature’s hand as we paddle through the lush evergreen forest and water carved canyons on this ancient Native American highway.

Rattle Snake, Dragon’s Tooth and The Devil’s Toenail are a few of the “big drops” that challenge us on our journey downstream. Listen to the guides as they fill you in on the rich natural and cultural history of the river and explain many of the wonders we encounter on our journey. In the calms between rapids, we will likely see some of the abundant wildlife the Klamath area is famous for.

Otter, beaver, mink, bear, elk and over a hundred species of common and rare birds live in and along the river. Our guides will further add to your enjoyment by preparing some of the best outdoor meals you’ll ever eat. The Klamath River, the second largest in California, has over a dozen different runs, and offers something for every skill level.

Klamath River

  • Difficulty: I to IV
  • Season: Year round
  • Full Day, 2 day, 3 day, 5 day trips


"Dear Mike and Wanda of Redwoods and Rivers. Thank you for the huge part you played in the success of our wonderful river trip. You're terrific and it was a pleasure to get to know you. You were always there, always cheerful, always helpful. We had so much fun that our planned trip to Africa may bite the dust in favor of another river trip with you next summer."

&mdash Kay, Dick and Scott Windham ~ Browns Summit, NC