Local Adventures

Laser Tag


Laser Tag – Fort Del Loma 

At Fort Del Loma Laser Tag is not just for kids; adults of all ages and entire families enjoy this exhilarating competition on California’s largest laser tag course.  2-hr. sessions include a 15-minute Warm Up, a 40-minute Capture the Flag, and a 40-minute Last Person Standing competition.

Laser tag is like paint ball but on steroids but without the pain or mess.  Our high tech Laser Tag Guns have the look and feel of real weapons and provide audible sounds of firing.  We even have realistic 50 caliber heavy machine guns.  Hits, out of ammunition notices, and warnings that you are about to be “eliminated”, are indicated audibly and with flashing lights.  After each round of competition our high tech digital recording system allows everyone to debrief and discover who really shot who.

Gold Panning


Gold Panning Lessons and Rafting Trips

“There is Gold in That There River”.

Redwoods and Rivers is the only river outfitter offering lessons and river trips in the art and skill of Gold Panning.  Our introductory lesson, taught at our Base Camp in Del Loma, is a hands-on activity suitable for the entire family.  Your Guide will teach you the basics of gold panning, and where to look for gold as well as share the unique Gold Rush history of our local area.  

If you want a fuller adventure and a chance to find that big gold nugget we recommend our signing up for a Gold Panning-Rafting trip.  These trips are a Full-Day (6+ hrs.) of gold prospecting combined with a rafting adventure. Rafting allows us to get to remote areas along the river where modern day prospectors haven’t been. Best of all you get to keep what you find.